• Sustainable postclosure maintenance and least lifecycle cost plans.
  • Image-based maps of landfill cover defects.
  • Training for landfill mangers and field inspectors.

Stress less, do good, save money!

  • Working with you to reduce groundwater contamination, reduce liability and enforcement risk, and save scarce funds by sustainable postclosure landfill management.
  • Our low-cost, sustainable postclosure landfill management improves field reconnaissance to identify defects before they become serious problems.
  • Sustainable postclosure management also supports least life-cycle cost.

Applied Geo-Imaging can help your company or agency with:

  1. Sustainable postclosure maintenance and least lifecycle cost plans for closed landfills.
  2. Image-based maps of cover defects based upon aerial lidar and photography for field reconnaissance. This is initial phase for a sustainable maintenance plan for closed landfills particularly those with earthen covers.
  3. Train landfill mangers and field inspectors to use, update and prepare sustainable postclosure landfill maintenance plans.